A Market Framework

A framework turns chaos into clarity. Instead of relying on multiple abstract oscillators, we give you a price action structure that helps you make sense of the market at all times. Furthermore, we provide you with the strategies to turn your technical analysis into action.

... Real results of the Olympus Cloud and our long strategies on QQQ.

Your Trading Foundation

A good trading foundation assists your ability to determine the current general momentum; spot longer-term trends and key price levels; determine important support and resistance zones; find euphoric price extension or downside despair; deduce the most likely scenario to occur next; and most importantly, earn profit by acting on your technical edge.

Technical Analysis Simplified

Our signature indicator, the Olympus Cloud, is packed with several price action tools that simplify your technical analysis. In addition, we include several of our exclusive price action trading strategies and the ability to create buy and sell alerts so you don’t miss a signal.

If you asked me to distill trading down to its simplest form, I would say that it is a pattern recognition numbers game. We use market analysis to identify the patterns, define the risk, and determine when to take profits. The trade either works or it doesn’t. In any case, we go on to the next trade.

Mark Douglas, Trading In The Zone

One Script, Multiple Tools

Trading doesn’t have to be complicated. By adding this one script to your chart you instantly gain access to several simple yet powerful price action tools.

The Cloud

A clever moving average variation combined with a volatility delimiter defines zones that detect general price momentum and act as dynamic support and resistance.

Actionable Swings

Our unique color-coded swing levels help you quickly identify the price action trend and provide clear support and resistance levels you can act on.

Real-Time Fractals

Our fractals are formed in near real-time and are the function of a price action pattern, allowing you to spot micro-trends and key short-term levels.

Volatility Bands

Easily spot when price is entering euphoria or capitulation and the probability of a temporary reversion to the mean is the most likely scenario.

Smart Timeframes

Intelligent functionality indicates long-term momentum by detecting your resolution and determining the best higher timeframe to pull into the chart.

Equilibrium Detection

Using the power of our actionable swings, equilibrium detection helps you spot meaningful price contraction that can lead to excellent trade opportunities.

Inside Bar Painting

While simple and certainly not unique, inside bar painting allows you to quickly notice tightening ranges that often turn into explosive movements.

Auto Fib Retracement

Our automatic Fibonacci tool uses our actionable swings to accurately plot fib retracement levels to help streamline your analysis and increase your efficiency.

Curated Entries

The Olympus Cloud comes with the strategies we use in our own trading plus our preferred method for trading the NASDAQ.

Backtest Suite

For those who like to tinker, our backtest logic goes beyond a static buy or sell model and has customizable risk values, stop-loss locations, profit targets, and leverage settings.

When you purchase the Olympus Cloud you will receive a PDF with more detailed information on the basic entry signals.

Watch Video

Get a feel for the Olympus Cloud with this introduction video.


Trade With An Edge

A trading indicator without a defined strategy is akin to a car without a motor. Fortunately, we have done the dirty work and sifted through dozens of potential systems. The result? The Olympus Cloud comes with multiple curated trading strategies that give you an edge on the market. Best of all, our automated backtest logic reveals the underlying numbers behind each strategy, and our trading methods follow the fundamental concepts employed by top traders.

Consistent Variables

Rigid trading rules help you detach from emotions and momentary perceptions by guiding your behavior at all times.

Risk Management

A standard and consistent risk parameter that controls your position size and helps you stay on the right side of the numbers game.

Profit Management

A defined profit-taking routine with multiple targets keeps you in control and ensures you always take profit when it’s available.

Follow The Trend

Increase confluence and probability by ensuring you only trade when you have the trend in your favor on multiple timeframes.

Price Action Focused

With a focus on simple and elegant price action you can break free from complicated oscillators and unreliable indicators.


Those who enjoy experimentation can adjust system variables to their heart’s content and backtest their changes with ease.


Trading Insights

Trading success is a product of your mindset as well as your approach. Our Insights Blog will teach you the nature of technical trading and help you develop the mental framework to execute like a pro.

Card image cap

Trading Insights #1: Probability & Random Distribution

Probability combined with random distribution is an important and often overlooked concept when it comes to trading. While rooted in data science and statistics, you need not be a data scientist to understand enough to aid your trading endeavors.

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Trading Insights #2: The Truth About Technical Analysis

If you’re an aspiring trader, then you’re probably familiar enough with technical analysis to muster up a definition of some kind. Despite the widespread familiarity with the concept, technical analysis is often misrepresented.

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Trading Insights #3: Mastering Your Mind

Your mind is the most powerful piece of the puzzle when it comes to your trading success. Without developing the mentality of a pro trader, you will never achieve the results you desire. When it comes to mastering your mind, we can think of no one better to draw influence from than Buddha.

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The Olympus Cloud is only compatible with TradingView charts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you dive in we highly recommend you look over these common questions and concerns.

Do you offer a free trial period?

We do not offer free trial periods for the Olympus Cloud. We deliver a quality product that took time and testing to develop and do not wish to see our efforts reverse engineered for free. In addition, we cover the Olympus Cloud thoroughly in our YouTube introductory series so you can have confidence in your purchase.

The three-month plan is available for a reasonable fee, so if you have doubts, it’s a good place to start. Those who purchase the three-month plan get a 15% discount if they wish to upgrade after their subscription has expired. If you buy a three-month plan and then upgrade to a lifetime plan, you are paying about $20 for the initial three months after the 15% discount is factored into the lifetime plan.

We offer no warranty, guarantees, or refunds of any kind. Our Terms of Use and Disclaimer govern your use of this website and our products. Please refer here for more information.

Yes and no. Unlike many other trading services, the Olympus Cloud is available as a one-time purchase if you buy a lifetime plan. If you buy a three-month or one-year plan and wish to continue using the product you will have to purchase a new plan. However, we offer return customers a discount at the point of sale.

The three-month plan is available for a small fee, so if you have doubts, it’s a good place to start. Those who purchase the three-month or one-year plans get a 10% discount if they wish to upgrade after their subscription has expired. This discount does not stack and is always applied to the posted price for the selected subscription period. For example, if you are purchasing your third three-month plan, your discount is 10%, not 20%, and the discount is applied to the posted price for the three-month plan.

Please refer to our video collection for all you need to know about adding the Olympus Cloud to your TradingView chart and for recommended usage instructions. Videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Yes. The Olympus Cloud was scripted solely for the TradingView platform. We are not affiliated with TradingView in any way. In the future, we may provide our services for other platforms.

Absolutely not! The idea of winning every trade is impossible and goes against the key principles employed by professional traders. It is possible to have stretches when you have a 100% success rate, but this is merely a snapshot of one period in time. Losses are inevitable in any trading regime. Check out our Trading Insights Series in our Insights Blog to learn more about how professionals approach the art of trading.

There are many factors that affect your win rate with the Olympus Cloud because it’s a customizable indicator and backtest suite. Depending on the security traded, the time resolution employed, the settings you select, and the date range tested over, the Olympus Cloud can generate a win rate of 45% - 78% over a set of twenty or more trades — more than enough to produce a net profit when combined with good risk and profit management.

Our backtest logic means you can verify the win rate on any security before you start trading. The stated win rates are only estimations based on what we have experienced in the past and we do not guarantee a win rate on any security. You may experience different results.

With any strategy, taking profits quickly results in a high win rate, but the net profit is not necessarily optimal. View our insights article titled Accuracy & Profitability for more on this concept.

In our experience, the optimal time frame is different depending on the security and the sector. Generally, the 30m and the 1hr time frames work well on most securities. If you wish to use a time frame closer than 15m, such as 5m or 3m, you must stack the Olympus Cloud with a higher time frame, like the 1D.

For example, if the 1D chart has a bull cloud, you can then zoom into the 5m chart. If the 5m higher time frame filter is bullish you can try to take long trades when an entry signal occurs. Our video on time frame stacking, found on our YouTube channel shows you how this process works.

There are various ways of determining what stocks to trade and the Olympus Cloud is compatible with all types of stocks, ETFs, and futures. Many online influencers emphasize trading “hotlists” found each morning via screening programs. While this can prove successful for some people, it often turns into a form of trade chasing and frustration, and can even degrade into a way of gambling and attempts to get rich quickly.

We live by the mantra, as said by Buddha, “Patience is key. Remember: A jug fills drop by drop.” If you struggle to turn consistent profits trading, it’s best to slow down and keep it simple. Focus on one or two big stocks or ETFs. These stocks have a significant number of market makers, meaning they have high liquidity (money flowing in and out) and tend to follow certain patterns due to a consistent array of market participants. Even on such stocks, making a profit is not guaranteed, but as you narrow your focus you will change your mindset and begin to develop a trader’s mentality.

While it sounds counterintuitive, it is more important you create a consistent mindset and trading regime than it is you get a few big winning trades. When you achieve consistency, you can trade with any amount of capital, including very large amounts, and produce money over and over again.

A few of our favorite high-liquidity large-cap stocks and ETFs include QQQ, TAN, AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, TSLA, and AMD.

We did not design the Olympus Cloud for forex, but the indicator can be added to forex charts without a problem. Due to the customizable nature of the Olympus Cloud and the built-in backtesting suite, it’s possible you can create settings that work in an acceptable manner, but we have not done testing on forex pairs.

Yes. When trading crypto, the optimal time frame tends to shift. For example, a 15m resolution on stocks is more like a 1hr resolution on crypto. A 1hr time frame on stocks is more like a 4hr time frame on crypto. Daily resolutions are equal. You can change the indicator settings and run the backtest suite to determine what works best for you.